Why Color, Textures & Boho Vibes Are “A MUST” For Us

Hay días en los que tenemos una actitud rockera y nos gusta vestirnos de negro con una buena chaqueta de cuero y zapatos con taches. Algunos, unos boyfriend jeans y una  camisa básica con algo especial pero no muy llamativo, más bien cómodo o relajado son una buena opción; y otros, en los que nos gusta crear looks llenos de contraste: colores llamativos que combinan entre sí, pedrería y bordados, estampados con texturas y unos buenos accesorios son los que sellan y le dan fuerza a nuestros outfits.

Hoy les mostramos diversas opciones con las que exploramos nuestro estilo boho-rocker-chic. Esperamos que te gusten e inspiren al momento de crear tus outfits!

Sisterly Style

Have it ever happened to you that your style changes according to different factors such us your mood? For us, there are days that we have the “rock” attitude and we like to dress with black accents, leather and studs. Other times we just choose a pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans with a basic t-shirt and something special but not too flashy, that is when we want to fell effortlessly chic and cozy, definitely more comfortable… and last but never least there are other mornings in which we love to create contrasts in our outfits: we wear bright colors that complement one with another, rhinestones and embroideries together, also some prints mixed with neutrals or different textures in the garments which seal and add strength to our looks.

Today we are showing you different options while we explore our boho-rocker-chic style. Hope you like them and to inspire you when creating your looks each day.



Clothes: RAPSODIA; Sunnies: QNOTA 

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